History of MPH Custom Builders

When I was much younger I had the desire to see how a home was built and what it was made of. In the early 70’s I was able to get “into” my first wall while helping restore the old farm house I was raised in.

During my college years I began doing remodels and home repairs and gained a reputation with others as “The guy who could fix anything!” This reputation helped me pay my own expenses and raise a young family.

After my college years I became a stay at home Dad, while continuing to do small remodels and repairs. I had opportunities to work with a handful of companies, not related to construction, but I realized my heart and hands were longing for sawdust and nails.

When I moved my family to Montana in 1996, MPH became a realization. My father and I began as a small painting and home repair company. Before we knew it, we had gone on to new homes and major remodels.

Most buildings are like a puzzle, there are treasures in the walls, and sometimes disasters. My job is to make all the pieces fit and that’s what I enjoy doing.

Phillip Herzer • MPH Custom Builders • Florence, Montana 59833 • 406-544-1411